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Project Profile: Athabasca Massage & Muscle Therapy

About AMMT

Athabasca Massage & Muscle Therapy (AMMT) is a therapeutic massage service located in Athabasca, AB. Jon Cody, R.M.T. is the sole practitioner, and he provides relaxation, deep tissue, and pregnancy massage and assisted stretching to his clients in Athabasca and throughout the region.

About the Project

Jon wanted a simple, easy-to-use website that would introduce AMMT to prospective clients and provide easy and accurate online booking services for everyone.

I designed a one-page-er with insurance and service details, some testimonials and contact info, and online booking in Wix. I chose Wix because it is an all-in-one solution and easy to use which my client appreciates. The Wix online booking app is easy to configure and flexible in creating the settings for as many employees as needed. I took some simple shots of Jon's room, to give prospective clients a feel for the relaxing space he provides.

I also designed a simple logo. It's a stylization of A M, stacked to look like mountains. I chose a relaxing blue with a bit of energetic orange to contrast.

Social Media & Marketing

I set up AMMT's Facebook profile and run the FB account. Sponsored Facebook ads are the only paid marketing that AMMT uses. It has been highly effective in targeting the local market and engaging Facebook users.

A unique feature of AMMT's business model is that Jon offers services on Saturdays, while his competition doesn't. The below campaign that promoted Saturday massage services, not only saw excellent engagement with local Facebook users but also translated into an increase in Saturday bookings.

Branded Email Communications

Jon uses the built-in Wix newsletter feature to send timely communications to his clients. The designs are simple and the information clear. He prefers to send email newsletters only for important information or the occasional promotional pricing offer but tries to average one newsletter every couple of months.


Newsletter: Click Here

Social Media Graphics


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